Ask Max: “What can I cook on my BBQ apart from the obvious?”

June 6, 2017 1:35 pm

Now that the sun has started to shine (intermittently I admit), the time has come to purchase some new BBQ utensils and scrape off the carbon from your outdoor grill!

But what to cook? Apart from the obvious!?

Well personally, one of my favourite things to eat is Jerk chicken. This involves marinating good chicken (always on the bone!) in allspice berries, red wine vinegar, honey and a few other secret ingredients, along with a scotch bonnet chillies. Try wrapping in foil and cooking for 30 minutes before unleashing it on the bare grill!

Another fantastic thing to cook on the BBQ is Asparagus (from raw, just season with salt, pepper & olive oil). For something a little more luxurious, scallops in their shell are absolutely sublime!

Something else worth considering, especially if you have a charcoal BBQ, is slow roasted Lamb. A lamb shoulder, marinated in some garlic, rosemary and thyme is fantastic when slow cooked for a few hours. The fat running through the meat stops it from drying out and the longer it sits on the BBQ, the more depth of smokiness it develops!