Ask Max: “How do you make your brown butter?”

March 16, 2017 12:59 pm

This is definitely the question that we get asked the most, which can sometimes be a little baffling as comparatively speaking it is a fairly small item on sometimes, quite a large menu!

Nevertheless, we are all very happy that our guests enjoy it so much! The secret is revealed below. I hope you enjoy the results.


Whipped Brown Butter

makes around 8 tablespoons

 250g Unsalted Butter

150g Crème Fraiche

Pinch Table Salt


  1. Dice the butter into small cubes, and put into a heavy bottom saucepan. The pan needs to be around 4 times the volume of the butter, as otherwise it may overflow!
  2. Place the pan on a medium heat to melt, once the butter has melted, increase the heat slightly until the butter starts to foam. Once foaming, continue to whisk, this will ensure even caramelisation. Once the butter has taken on a nutty smell and the fat has started to go a deep golden brown, remove from the heat and continue to whisk over some cold water. This will ensure that the butter cools slightly and doesn’t continue to cook.
  3. Cling film and reserve on the side until it has started to set at the edges.
  4. Next, add the crème fraiche and the salt. Whisk using a hand whisk for around 5 minutes until the whole mix has whipped up.
  5. Now, you can either set the butter in pots, quenelle them, or pipe into mounds to use later. Reserve in the fridge until set and remove 10 minutes before using to bring the temperature up slightly to spread.